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This Season's Hurricane Names Goes Like This ~

FieldSock's Prediction is that Hurricane GONZALO & OMAR

could very well make to Cat-3-5 Status.

Here Is The Prediction of Total Named Storms ~ Hurricanes ~ Cat 3 or Higher ~

Below is a short story (Fiction) I have written in hopes of turning the minds of the ones who read, to think about---. What if it happened to you / If your time was up today

(Are you ready to face what awaits you & everyone else) ?

Short Story By, E.T.K.

Eye of a Hurricane can be very ominous. Your home is on the Island of Kauai and nearest town is Hanalei, next to the North Shore. Your in the storm, Rain bands are beating down everything you ever worked hard to build and memories on is being blown away before your very eyes. You sit there in a bubble, watching everything being destroyed as if it was in slow motion. As the storm treads on, you find yourself in the middle of the eye. Looking up and seeing blue sky, then doing a 360 degree view of your surroundings. It's very calm, mild breeze with a mist of salt water dancing in the air. The walls of the storm are to the troposphere before they plateau off. These walls are filled with live clouds and debris flying around horizontally to the ground but as far up as you can see. The eye is about 3 miles in diameter and you begin to notice that the calm breeze and the blue sky are mixing with the grey/blue clouds. What was a mist, now gears up into a spray like bullets that sting as they hit your face. What was once called the eye of the storm is now turning into the 2nd wave of the storm. It first hit me from the left and now it's going to hit me from the right, as if it knows I'm still standing. This storm wants to take everything. From my wallet to my family to my self-esteem. As I am consumed by the 2nd wave, I begin to realize how insignificant I am to all of this and in this defining moment of my little world. I start to understand what is important in life. It is not the house that took most of my funds to build, it is not all that stuff I and my family filled our home with. For it all is just, "dust in the wind". The day, that hour, that moment felt like a dream of my life whistling through my subconscious & conscious mind. As the rain bands began to lighten up and as the wind fluctuating with a downward spiral. I began to wake from this dream like state I realized that I was 20' up in a coconut tree. As I climbed down the trunk, it started to set in that I and my family have no home or belongings anymore. I was happy about one thing and that is, my family made it on the last flight out to the main land. "They were safe." My whole life, I have been living for me. Buying things that I thought would make me look good in everyone else's eyes. Doing the things that made me/my family have great stature. Basically living life for worldly things. Not thinking about the ones who pass me everyday as I go to work - come home. The thoughts had just reminded me, the neighbor to the west stayed behind as well. She and her little girl stayed because they had no other place to go. About the same time I thought of this, she stumbled out of the jungle, I knew this woman was a religious person . I know she always talked about this God that does mighty things and she always was reading a book called Bible. Every time I ran into her, she would always have a new great story to share with me from the Bible. I didn't know if she was crazy or if in some curious way, there was some sort of truth. Mainly it sounded like fairy tales and wishful thinking. The land of make believe. As she stumbled her way across, what used to be Route 101 Blvd. I came up to her and asked, "are you alone?". As she raised her droopy head, I heard her mumble. "The Hurricane-it-it ripped my little one from the death grip I had on her." Only thing running threw my little mind at that point was, oh shit-what do I say. Before I could get something out, she rambled on saying. "I know she's O.K. cause my Lord Jesus Christ is with us, he is with us all. If we would just stop our boasting and give him a chance. Everyone would see". I know she was directing all of what she just said towards me and my family. I asked her, "where should we start looking for her". She looked right into my eyes and gave me the most warm loving feeling I have ever felt from a neighbor. As she began to speak, a refrigerator caught our attention. It was riding the surf in our direction. I said "hey look! It's my fridge." We both ran out and guided it in, so that it didn't escape out to the ocean.

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From that day forward, My family and I had a new purpose in life. It wasn't for self but for this living God. I wanted that kind of safety wrapped all around my little ones. So my wife and I made the sacrifices and started our new way of thought & living. Towards a really happy life changing journey.

FYI = The idea of finding a child in a fridge came from a true story out of South a few years back when a slue of Tornadoes hit the college, I believe in Alabama. A child was found giggling and looked to be playing with someone which very well could have been an angle.

No one knows how the child was placed in the fridge. The residence from which the child was prior to the storm, was a long ways off. This story right here should turn everyone's head and make them wonder. Is there a realm which exists parallel to ours. See, we see in the 3rd

dimension. Scientists believe there are 9 different dimensions, which start with one and goes to 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th and finally 9th dimension. With each dimension lies rules from which what ever dwells in that dimension, can not escape the rules that bind them to that realm. Rules may be bent or requests might be granted, from whom ? well who ever oversees all dimensions.

FYI = Another story out of Joplin Missouri. Child was found in a freezer way out in the field. So this kid went for a ride......When they authorities opened the freezer, there was a child. Little boy and when they asked him, "how did you get into the freezer". Little boy, answered,

"The Shiny Man Placed Me In Here" Blew everyone's mind especially the parents.

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