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How everything has a frequency!

Forgive me as my thought process can sometimes look discombobulated to some people. Please think about the intel I'm presenting to you and search it out if one requires healing in the physical or mental realm.

For a moment, think about what I'm about to share with you. If your lazy and don't like to read, well you should just hang it up right now.
Before Tesla, there was a man who identified that all living things and non living things have frequency. A measure of energy/voltage if you will. A signature to which one can measure. Magnetic Energy.
This man Identified that if you could harmonize or reset the frequency to the original specs that God/It's maker had placed on the particular item/organizam. What ever defect - illness/disease had come upon it. Would simply heal it's self from the correction of it's assigned 'Frequency'.
This man also took 100 patients that had cancer to the point of imminent death. He subjected them to these different frequencies that he had manged to figure out. He learned that every organ in the body had a set frequency. If he could reset the frequency in these patients where the cancer metastasized, healing would begin. Crazy to think that it only took 90 days for the healing to take place to a point where the patient was feeling better.

From here on down, Intel was gathered from Google/Internet

In the 1920's Doctor Royal Raymond Rife, Invented the Rife Machine. One of the first Frequency Generators.
Really disappointing, whenever mankind gets a break and one of us turns out to be genius. There is "Big Brother" with his foot up, ready to stomp out anyone who proves to be beneficial to us all. Other sad thing is, Everyone is to afraid to hold Big Brother accountable for the wrongs he has done to the world.
According to Dr. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain frequencies "Can Prevent The Development of Disease". "Others Would Even Destroy It" The most common types of #biofeedback are:
Thermal Biofeedback which measures skin temperature. Electromyography which is used to measure muscle tension. #Neurofeedback which measures the brain wave activity.

Claud Bernard Is the one who came up with the idea of Biofeedback in 1865. The Body Strives To Maintain A Steady State In The Internal Environment And That #Biofeedback Machines Calculate The Bodies Impulses Or #Fequencies And Communicate These Readings To The Machine. Biofeedback machines gives us an in-depth look at what is happening in our bodies and enables involuntary responses to be measured. During biofeedback therapy, electrodes are generally attached to the patience skin which in turn sends the in-depth information to the equipment. Once the imbalances and stress have been identified, the machines programme is selected from a vast database of vibrational biofeedback therapies to help return balance and relief to the patient.
Healthy Tissue is said to respond in a predictable way, while unhealthy tissue will conduct impulses differently. Traumatized, inflamed or degenerative tissue all produce abnormal readings compared to the patients baseline norm. Thus in the cybernetic loop the biofeedback machine measures the bodies frequencies and produces feedback for wound healing, pain reduction, relaxation and stress reduction through electrical stimulation.

You may have problems with this site above, I heard someone was taking it down.

Norbert Wiener (MatheMatician) Developed "Cybernetics" Which is the scientific study of communication between animals and machines.

So as I gather intel on this particular story. The first thing I see is how the government/ corporations, destroying what they cannot control/buy or influence. Especially if there's a chance of profit loss. When they could not take control over Mr. Rife's research, his office was broken into. Years of research stolen and the first machine ever built to help heal people in a painless and costless manner, destroyed. Similarly to what they did to Nikola Tesla and his extraordinary machine.

Nikola Tesla created/designed a machine which once was called, "#VibeMachine"

Now is called the "#Quantum Pulse" There is one I found in Greeley Colorado. This really dow work, but it's something you have to do repeatedly for at least 90 days then you can back off a bit.

Here is another way to think about frequencies, we are made of atoms/cells. Put billions together and a heart is made, lungs are made and sew-on. Energy is what it takes to run these little guys. Everything eats, their cells turn their meal into energy. What is energy, (Volts-Watts) #Decomposition-#

O.K. Here is a way easy way to think about your body. Think of each cell having is own choir or symphony. If there is a drummer that receives the wrong notes to play, and this little guy starts playing. What do you think happens to the rest of the symphony.?

Every moving piece starts to play out of wack. For example the little drummer is playing and is apart of the liver. After a few months go buy without sending this drummer the correct notes to play, it will drive the whole liver to perform out of wack. Then the person has issues. All because no one new how to give the drummer the right notes to play or frequency. These machines, I believe send frequencies through the body and harmonizes each cell. Think of it, like a reset button.

All of these outside forces, for example. Radio waves, microwaves, gamma rays, radiation, and sew on. These forces are a major part that drives our cells into an irregular rythem. As well as the food we eat. If you think about it long enough, it will make sence.

I Hope this makes some sense and you take the time to look into different frequency machines. Amazon has a few.

Here is the site for the machine in Greeley.

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