Youngster tougher than you!

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On July 9th, Six year old boy saved his little sister's life by making a decision without even thinking. For a six year old boy, that is crazy. Most grown ups can't make a move without weighing the pros/cons. This boy named "Bridger" made a decision instantaneously. He will suffer in several areas of life due to this decision.

They were playing together, apparently with no one around. Bridger caught the sight of a big dog charging full tilt like it had an agenda. Bridger explained to his Aunt that, "If I or my sister was going to die, it should be me." Bridger jumped in the front of the dog before it had a chance to bite his sister. The dog grabbed hold of little Bridger by his head and shook him around, then letting go and biting his face/head again. When the dog let go again, Bridger grabbed his sisters hand and started running with her to try and keep her safe.

"After receiving 90 stitches (give or take) from a skilled plastic surgeon, Bridger is doing well recovering at home." There are so many people these days that don't have the slightest idea, as to what is really important in life. How many would be willing to getting a scar

to the face that would most likely end any chance later in life of being a super model and such. How many would leap in front of a raging dog to save someone besides themselves.

I believe that Bridger at the age of 6, already knows who he is and the value of life.

"If we only had the character of Bridger and his bravery living inside more of us, this place would be so much more worth it."

The story above was on Instagram, written out by Bridger's "Aunt"

FieldSock wanted to share with all of you who read, "Blob of Blogs" that even a six year old can understand without thinking. What the basic fundamental of being human really is.

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