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Field Socks

People really don't think about compression and if they do, what do they think.? Compression has a few key attributes, I'm going to make it clear to you of what they are and how Compression Field Socks can help you.

reduces the diameter of distended veins and increase venous blood flow velocity and valve effectiveness. Support and aid to blood circulation. By adding a mild pressure to the foot and ankle at the same time, the Society for Vascular Nursing recommends wearing compression stockings while exercising as this helps move the increased blood in the legs back to the heart.

#FieldSocks had to make the Compression attribute, apart of our design because of the quality's it gives Field socks. Plus the additional attributes it holds. Plus it compensates our; "One Size Fits All" scenerio. FieldSocks are truly that. Unless you have "Ondre The Giant or Little Bo PeeP" feet, these socks will fit you and fit you well I must add.

Color: The color of our socks were carefully picked, the dark colors give way to a variety of possibility's these socks can be worn to. Whether it be work, play, cold or hot weather. FieldSocks can be worn, due to the color scheme. Fieldsock blends in with anything and everything. If you don't want red or the black showing, there is a way to fold the calf section to hide either or.

Below is a 2 minute quick presentation of the functions and how to properly put on sock without stretching.

FieldSock and The Extra Mile 'Outdoor Gear & Bike'

We both have confirmed our products are at the very least, Top Notch. FieldSock has nothing but good comments to spread in our Blob of Blogs in regards to The Extra Mile's gear they sell and the customer services. Extra Mile also has a great service department. They work on anything with tires and a chain. If anyone is in the need of repairs to their bike's ect.. Check out the storefront, located at; 504 N Garfield Ave, Loveland 80537. Ask for Dan.

One more thing about this storefront, They have a great online store as well and deliver anywhere!. Check it out and also check out their "Like New" slightly used merchandise they have for sell before you go spend big somewhere else.

These socks will come to have their own special spot in everyone's sock drawer. It's only a matter of time.

Your personal information is safe with FieldSock, after purchase is made. FieldSock hangs onto you email and deletes all encrypted transaction Intel.

Give FieldSock a shot, keeping your feet warm and having 3 functions for you to use anytime a situation calls for it.

And our Website:

FieldSock: "Socks With Function"

FieldSock: "Socks With Function" Home page consists of description and how each function can work for you, Gallery & Tutorial & Our St...